Competition Horse

competition-horse2We place a lot of demand on the bodies of our equine athletes pushing them to their limits. Often causing small strains and mild damage to tendons muscles and ligaments. Also post exercise there is the build up of lactic acid. Equine Indiba not only aids the body in clearing the lactic acid but also in aiding repairs within the body. Equine Indiba aids in keeping these athletes injury free and their muscles supple allowing horses to increase stride length, become more elastic and elevated. There has been some excellent results in improved performance in the dressage, show jumping, driving and eventing field so far and we are looking forward to more successes in all fields.

Human athletes have been using this system since 1983 and now we can offer this service which is safe and harm free to our equine athletes.

To book your equine athlete in or to speak to a member of the Equine Indiba team see the contact page.