General Riding

general-riding-horse2Struggling with a canter lead? Horse reluctant to go forward? Bucking or napping? These could be signs that your horse is uncomfortable or in pain. Equine Indiba has helped horse owners in these situations. It also helps keep your equine happy and injury free.


Phoenix is a 7 year old 16hh bay ¼ Shire x ¾ Thoroughbred currently competing at novice level with British Dressage with a BYRDS rider. Phoenix is not always off the leg, has little elevation, and is reluctant to flex left. His rider has hopes of competing him higher, however feels that his lack of “flashy movement” and flexibility would limit his potential.

Phoenix underwent one full body session of Equine Indiba, the system showed some resistance on his hind right quarter indicating tightness and possible injury. The rider rode Phoenix directly after the session. Phoenix was looser and he had more movement. After a couple of days his movement has become bigger and freer and he has learnt to engage his new found power from behind.

The rider commented that “he has got better and better since his session of Equine Indiba, he is just incredible now! I highly recommend to anyone to have a go with your horse.”


A rising 6 year old 17hh warmblood gelding, currently competing at Newcomers in British Show Jumping with Show Jump rider Bryony Ward, under competition livery at Liscombe Park Competition Centre. Rupert like most big young horses is currently weak behind as he has so much more growing and filling out to do. He struggles to tuck his hind legs up over the height of the jumps, frequently getting a pole or two down during a round, and becomes disunited during flying changes, often short on the left hind.

Rupert underwent one full body session of Equine Indiba. After the session he was ridden straight away and was more elevated, straighter moving, and after just one session, was able to do flying changes. He is currently undergoing muscle work sessions and is going from strength to strength (no pun intended) in his ridden work. His coat is now extremely shiny and we even convinced the owner we had groomed him for hours!
The rider comment “Wow, what a difference! I recommend Equine Indiba to all my owners.”


18 year old thoroughbred ex racehorse Flame is now used as a riding club all-rounder. Flame suffers from intermittent lameness, arthritis in his near fore, mud fever, and filled legs. He evades the contact when ridden, struggles with right canter lead, and is a little reluctant to go forward off the leg.

Flame underwent one full body session of Equine Indiba, which showed up high resistance from the device on the hind right quarter, so he then underwent further short sessions in a more localised focus. He has become freer and bigger moving, is more fluent in his right canter lead, and is generally happier all round.