Termal image of horse rehabilitationA horse owner’s nightmare is when our beloved equines become injured.

Equine Indiba gives unparalleled healing stimulation that will speed up recovery 3-4 times the normal rate for tendons, ligaments, muscle and other damaged tissues. It is a proven method of treating joints pathologies, muscle, ligament and tendon strains. Indications for use include muscle spasm, tears and strains, tendonitis, sprains, synovitis and bursitis, painful and swollen joints from injury or arthritis and all manner of inflammatory processes where increased lymphatic drainage is beneficial.

Biostimulation of the tissues generates vasodilation with an increase in blood flow, reduction of pain, reduction of muscle strain and draining of edema.
Indiba® stimulates injured tissues (i.e. tendons, ligaments, bones, joints and muscles) to activate natural anti-inflammatory and repair processes, achieving exceptional results in terms of efficacy and rapid action. As observed in human athletes, Indiba® applied to horses accelerates the body’s metabolic processes and increases internal temperature, enhancing the flow of blood rich in oxygen and nourishment for tissues. It also stimulates lymph flow in lymphatic vessels, thus speeding up and completing the elimination of toxins, which slow down healing processes. The animal itself produces heat internally without risking its consumption by high temperatures or its dispersion in surface epidermal layers.

Equine Indiba has successfully aided in the following conditions; Suspensory ligament injuries, arthritis, bruising, muscle damage, tendon injuries, speeding up recovery time from wounds, “stiff backs”, tight muscles, weak muscles and muscle underdevelopment, tightness in lumber, sacroiliac joint tightness, unexplained bad behaviour such as bucking, inability or reluctance to strike of with the correct canter lead.